Touch or Scan
Be it touch action or scan action, the system supports duo actions. Cashier can proficiently process payments. Hold up bill to attend next customer when situation occurs & remain a bright big smile to customers.
Express payment
Take payments easily, quickly buttons to accept cash, credit payments, even split payments and credit invoice sales. Easily add buttons to accept multiple credit cards and vouchers. System is ready to connect with credit card merchant.
Employee Access
Clock in out while assign individual access to each employee. Set permissions on price control & more functions.
Customer Database
Member Loyalty Ideal for loyalty programs & many marketing campaigns, e-coupon, e-stamp & more.
Inventory Tracking
Allocate stock items to multi stores instantly. Complete stock flow to ensure shelves never run short.
Color/Size/Style Matrix
Ideal for clothing and footwear stores, you can easily set up an attibute matrix that includes different colors, sizes and styles for a particular item, streamlining the item selection and order process. Stream new stocks in quickly & start selling.
Flexible Pricing
Flex your price within seconds during sales period, promotion & member royalty.
Deposit & Hold Sales
Accept deposits payment to reserve item, & pay balance later.
Purchase & Sales
Full purchase & sales cycle at backend let you manage with little effort.
Promotion Campaign
All the popular promotion features you need. You can run multiple campaign throughout the year.
Run consignment concept while tracking how much to be paid to consignor.
Robust Reporting
Use our friendly reports to make smarter business decisions. Custom them your way & export to excel if need.
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