Stay updated with Smart Cover. Our annual software license renewal helps maximize your investment, making sure your store is operating at top condition 24/7. Keep your investment protected for years to come at minimal cost.

Upgrade & Hot Fix

Stay Tip Toe
Get upgrades & hot fixes so your system is running at top form consistently
Yearly Protection
Yearly subscription renewal & get cover 365 days!
Future Solutions
Able to join future integratable solutions like e-wallet, O2O retail & more
With Smart Cover
Software always running with latest version
Self update on latest product, new features, enhancement, reporting via online
Interruption free
Update on any government rules changes time to time without affecting daily operations
Marker fit
Free of bug in the program
Price Plans
Software Model Cover Price WITH valid Service Contract Cover Price WITHOUT valid Service Contract
DynaMod 200 per license 500 per license
POS Cover 150 per counter 300 per counter
(for e-wallets)
100 per counter 200 per counter
Get Cover in 4 Steps
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it SLC, Smart Cover the same?

No,Smart Cover is not SLC, Cover is upgrade & fixes, where SLC (Service Level Contract)is a yearly renewal charges for helpdesk phone & online remote support services.

What the difference between Smart Cover and Smart Cover Plus?

Smart Cover is upgrade & fixes,Smart Cover Plus is use to tight with e-wallet features.

Can I just sign Cover & NOT take SLC?

Yes,it based on Ad-hoc price scheme. But is recommended to sign with SLC,is more cost friendly plus can have phone & online software support for entitled year.In other words,they almost come together as a pair.

Can I choose not to renew Cover?

Yes,Smart Cover plan is optional,just be aware og not enjoy the benefit of online latest updates,fixes & etc.The user will NOT enjoy the new features or new released after covered year expired. They will using the current cover version date software version.

Can I skip a few years of Smart Cover & get right up to the latest version?

Yes,but be aware the Smart Cover includes the current products version only. User may need to renew for those years laps.

Can Smart system still be used even if Smart Cover expired?

Yes,can use up to the version that was covered before. No further system upgrades & updates.

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