Businesses cannot afford to get sluggish in the fast-paced industry of the food and beverage sector. Let our POS system put you ahead of the game by allowing you to control and overcome common challenges faced by most F&B outlets such as order processing, floor & service management, inventory & sales management, and much more. Eliminate unnecessary duplication of processes and focus on your business growth and expansion. There's really no simpler and accurate way than this.
Benefits of our solution to F&B
operators include:
  • Speed in order process & turnaround time
  • Improvement in customer service
  • Automation of tedious tasks to maximize efficiency
  • Simplified management of your retail business
  • Prevention of business loss through fraud & theft at outlets
  • Efficiency improvement of your business by at least 20%
  • Allowance to growth & expansion of more outlets!
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  • User friendly, plug & play
  • Efficient & affordable solution,
    high ROI
  • Enable outlets expansion
  • Good stock & membership
    management to boost sales
  • Preventfraud & business loss
  • Strong inventory control
  • Efficient & accurate stocks distribution
  • Price cater to different location to suit
    market trend & competition
  • Promotion can be duplicated or
    adapted to different outlets
  • Inquiry of stocks / members points at
    any location to better service
  • Auto synchronize all locations sales, cash, members info
    back to HQ
  • Real time consolidate info for better management
  • Centralized control: reduce staff cost, increase sales
    opportunity & reduce outlets erro & fraud cases
  • Enable cost efficiency thus able to expand
  • Able to manage & grow
  • Right information at the critical times
  • Hot item, run out items
  • Order flow, wait list, cancel, add
  • Take away order
  • Wireless order, Multiple kiosk
  • Multiple kitchen, bar , cashier printing
  • User access & attendance
  • Cash, tax & payment collection
  • Outlets data sync to HQ control
  • Reservation & floor plan
  • Table combine, split
  • Bills combine, split
  • Clear menu setting & fast accurate order taking
  • Item: category or food, drink, combo, set meal
  • Modify to customer request: eg. less ice
  • Real time update data automation
  • Membership & offer to members
  • Promotions, discount vouchers
  • Inventory processes automation
  • Stock movement, transfer, adjustment, stocks level etc
  • No double work, account update automatically
  • Accounts, cash flow, reports all-in-one:
  • Figures, analysis, credit control, full financial reports & more
  • Accounts maintenance made easy, no posting required
  • Restaurants / fast food joint
  • Bakery / deli / sandwich shop
  • cafes & MORE
  • coffee shops & food court
  • casual dining
  • Ethnic dining: Chinese, Nyonya
  • table service or fine dining concept
  • carry-out, delivery
  • full-service bars / pubs
Case Reference
Smart F&B solutions is one of the most affordable, proven and reliable F&B solutions available. Despite being so simple to use, it provides a wide range of functionality including Table, reservation, fast food order, order send to kitchen , Menu combo modify, cash control, merchandize planning, inventory and allocation, POS, members, promotions, multi-channel support, business analysis and more.

Our solutions helps retailers get back to basics - improving speed, increase services, improve efficiency and cut costs, yet can be rapidly deployed to meet the most demanding timescales.

Smart F&B solutions provide the following business benefits to retailers:
  • Automate tedious restaurant tasks and maximize efficiency
  • Increased sales & profits
  • Support F&B promotion - happy hour etc success
  • Improve customer service
  • Better planning & cost on menu / stocks
  • Prevent business loss thru fraud & theft at outlets
  • Data highway & business info anytime anywhere
  • Allow you to grow & expand more outlets!
    Then, consider the recurring return on investment from increased F&B effectiveness, many happy royal customers, more accurate and timely information, and benefits that flow from better monitoring of promotions, store credits, pricing, and competitive activity (to name just a few).

    Smart F&B solutions implementations are the quickest and most cost effective in the industry. And unmatched flexibility minimizes total cost of ownership over the long term.

    Smart F&B solutions is proven in a wide range of F&B environments - from fast dining, cafe to posh restaurant - our software shows its wide spectrum of individuality and adaptability.
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