In Store or online, whenever opportunities arises, Smart Acc work to develop & collaborate sustainable software & apps with know how. Since 1997, our founding philosophy is to help biz grow through our network of people, best possible services that’s value for money.
To make commerce easier for everyone with the development of modular, seamless software and app solutions. Scalable as you grow, our holistic solutions deliver real value at an affordable price.
Grow your commerce:
  • Point of Sales at affordable price point
  • Enterprise POS Management
  • O2O Management Solutions
  • 20,000 client
  • Nationwide team support
  • Collaboration with network & apps
Suitable for the whole spectrum of Retailers including Food & Beverage businesses. Scalable as you grow from single to multi-store!
Business Model
  • Product Family
  • Knowledge & Skill
  • Distribution Network
  • Business Awareness
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20,000 POS User