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Completely Enriching Operations
TouchF&B caters for every business size! Be it a single outlet or multiple F&B branches, the Smart TouchF&B POS system has been created to help you manage your business' daily operations and allow you to grow sales as your business expands.

It is the complete solution for F&B business, from quick-service restaurants to posh restaurants, it will certainly improve your entire operation.
Wait a minute! I am already using of the lite POS system by Smart-Acc. Now what?

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Suitable for start-ups as require for minimal hardware
  • Fast order & correct kitchen processing
  • Enable kiosk or wireless orders for greater efficiency
  • Better service and table management
  • Instant tracking of sales & cash
  • Flexible to support menu or promotion campaign
  • Be informed on out of stock situation between order & kitchen
  • On time inventory reports optimize stocks
  • Maintain & build up membership
  • Value for money (pre-package) & buy as you grow your outlets
  • Ability to meet your growing business, integrate with full inventory, accounting
  • Centralize POS, controlled by headquarters
  • All data is automatically channeled to headquarters within 5 minutes
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    Key Features of TouchF&B

    TouchF&B enables ease of standardizing or customizing menu, price, stocks, promo & many more. It works equally alone of between headquarters and multiple outlets. This ensures greater efficiency and better usage of time and resources for your business.

    Here are some of the common features
  • Fast order, thru well-organised friendly screen
  • Split sales, split or combine tables
  • Modifier food menu
  • Tally cash drawer to sales
  • Reservation
  • Order wait list
  • Credit controller
  • Table management: split, combine
  • Track sales, orders, payments, tables, bills, stocks,
  • cash and many more
  • Promotion, voucher, happy hour &
  • Membership
  • Wireless Order or Kiosk Order
  • Reports for analysis
  • Out of stock list
  • Multi-payment screen
  • Flexible combo meals
  • Allocate staff meals
  • Change menu, set combo promo meals
  • Control user password access
  • Multi-area printing (Kitchen / Bar)
  • Cash flow control, in and out
  • Back-up all data for safekeeping
  • Stock maintenance and adjustment
  • Export files to other software
  • * Note some features available at Backend modules
      f&b pos, single outlet, multiple outlet, multi terminal, kitchen, table slip   f&b pos, single outlet, multiple outlet, multi terminal, kitchen, receipt   f&b pos, single outlet, multiple outlet, multi terminal, kitchen, sales, summary  
      Hold Kitchen & Table Slip   Customer Receipt   Daily Sales Summary  
  • Hold Kitchen i.e. Table Slip
  • Kitchen Slip
  • Waiting List Progress List
  • Waiting List Progress Done
  • Customer Receipt with Rounding Cent
  • Customer Receipt (Split Bill)
  • Daily Collection
  • Close Counter Report
  • Daily Summary
  • Payment Sales By Hour
  • Order Sales By Hour
  • Daily Detail Report
  • Sales By Hour Report
  • Refund Report
  • Sales Report By Category
  • Top Sales Qty Analysis
  • Top Sales Analysis
  • Top Sales Analysis Summary
  • Daily Sales Document - Sales Person
  • Daily Sales Item Sales Person
  • Receipt Refund Report
  • Audit Trail Track
  • Time Attendance
  • Credit List Control
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