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Keep Things In Order with OneEZ
By replacing your current cash register or starting up with OneEZ, your retail business will surely benefit from enhance operational capabilities.

The system comes with mini inventory flow to assist you in stocks management & retail greater revenue in your retail business

The OneEZ software was developed to act as an entry level application where you can experience the superiority of using a POS system without having to spend a fortune for it.
My store has a cash register. Why should I change to OneEZ?

  • User-friendly and easy to operate
  • Suitable for start-ups as the system comprises minimal hardware that includes docket printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and customer pole display
  • Instant tracking of sales made & how much is left in your cash drawer
  • Real time detailed inventory reports enable you to manage stocks better
  • Less theft as employees are aware that all stocks are monitored
  • More features than the standard cash register, but costs just a little bit more
  • Assist you in serving your customers speedily
  • Find out prices of all items in your store
  • Save time, so that you can spend more time on more important matters
  • Ability to meet your growing business' needs
    retail pos, pos software, oneEZ, entry level, reports, stock, inventory, sales
    Key Features of OneEZ

    OneEZ has 80% of TouchPOS features and it only costs one-third of the TouchPOS price. It is likened to a Lite Version of TouchPOS, and when your business is ready to expand, OneEZ can be upgraded to complete version.

    Here are some of the common features:
  • Simple setup & usage
  • User friendly for all cashiers
  • Quick item selection thru code or scan
  • Tally cash drawer to sales
  • Change / edit the items in your store
  • Control user password access
  • Cash flow control, in and out
  • Back-up all data for safekeeping
  • Stock maintenance and adjustment
  • Export files to other software
  • Hold the bill and attend to next customer
      retail pos, pos software, oneEZ, entry level, receipt   retail pos, pos software, oneEZ, entry level, hourly sales   retail pos, pos software, oneEZ, entry level, hourly sales  
      Customer Receipt   Hourly Sales By Cashier   Daily Sales Summary  
  • Customer Receipt
    (can include tax, discount, payment type etc)
  • Daily Collection
  • Close Counter Report
  • Daily Summary
  • Payment Sales By Hour
  • Order Sales By Hour
  • Daily Detail Report
  • Sales By Hour Report
  • Refund Report
  • Sales Report By Category
  • Top Sales Qty Analysis
  • Top Sales Analysis
  • Top Sales Analysis Summary
  • Daily Sales Document - Sales Person
  • Daily Sales Item Sales Person
  • Receipt Refund Report
  • Audit Trail Track
  • Time Attendance
  • Credit List Control
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