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Mean For Now, Great For Future
DynaMod is a next-generation system with POS, inventory, accounting, and integrate-able solutions. It delivers a powerful mix of aesthetics and functionality. Packed with database architecture, online offline technology, BI tools & modern touch flow design. Perfectly ready to scale to business size; truly elevate performance now, powering ahead for the future.
What can this new generation solutions deliver?

  • New and modern user interface that is colorful, trendy and eye-catching
  • Online and offline modes that work even without Internet connectivity
  • Highly scalable system featuring advanced technologies for speedier performance, single socket across platforms, comprehensive reporting tools, and heightened personalization application features
  • 9 impressive modules, with more than 300 features and screens
  • Seamless integration with other third party solutions including businesses using ERP & retail tenant
  • 10x faster system navigation
  • 10x faster search efficiency
  • 10x faster input with fully integrated matrix
  • High-speed database processing power that is sharable across regions, companies and groups of companies
  • Advanced tech tools that empower your business, including Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2012, RemObjects, and Stimulsoft Report .NET
  • Professional support and services nationwide from more than 40 distributors
Key features of DynaMod
DynaMod has been refreshed and crafted to impress users with advanced technology and macroscopic architecture. It showcase an entirely revamped and eye-catching interface & can easily integrate with other third party solutions. DynaMod also offer an all-inclusive experience with more than 300 features. Be extremely scalable according to your business growth

Here are some of the common features:
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  GL Ledger Listing By Account   Profit & Loss Listing   Supplier Statement  
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