Stay updated with Smart Cover. Our annual software license renewal helps maximize your investment, making sure your store is operating at top condition 24/7. Keep your investment protected for years to come at minimal cost.

Stay Fit and Tuned at Work

Assure System Longevity Via The People Who Know It Best
Maintain Fit
Maintain fixes to all existing software periodically & stay updated with all the newly released feature
Rest Assured
Software is always running on top form by obtaining all updates & upgrades
Stay tuned up to all latest fixes, upgrades, features via online & effortlessly.
  • Why do I keep receiving system prompts messages “Smart Cover Expires”?
  • That means the Smart cover plan has expired. The system is set to send reminder messages to you by default.
  • What is Smart Cover?
  • It is an assurance for Smart users to obtain Updates and/or Upgrades of Smart Software. The subscription plan work on yearly basis, for 365days from license activation date.
  • It is launched in Feb 2013 & chargeable starting 01st March 2014
  • Why Need Smart Cover?
  • Maintain fixes to all existing software periodically & stay updated with all the newly released features
  • Assure software is always running on top form by obtaining all updates & upgrades
  • Able to do online updates & upgrade, hassle free.
  • Isn’t Update & Upgrade the same?
  • Not the same. Smart software has 4 releases of versions each quarter. The version in Quarter 1 is named “2014.1”. Version in Quarter 3 is named “2014.4”. Upgrade means you go higher version from 2014.1 to 2014.2 & so for.
  • Updates is referring to the build of each versions. Eg. Version “2014.1.001” until “2014.1.038”. That means there have been around 38 fixes in that particular version.
  • Is all Smart products eligible for Smart Cover?
  • Applicable to all SQL range EXCEPT Smart POS. Discontinue range “BizSoft”, Smart Standard, Smart Pioneer are all NOT eligible.
  • Each product requires a separate Smart Cover Plan for coverage.
  • What Version Does It Cover?
  • It covers Smart Software Version you are using. Example, if your version is 2013.3, then Smart Cover will include updates / upgrades up to the version in 2013 and 2014.
  • How Does It Cover?
  • If customer purchases Smart Cover Version 2014, it will then covers updates or upgrades for any Version 2014.x till Version 2015.x financial year of 2014.
  • Is SLC (Service Level Contract) & Smart Cover the same?
  • No. SLC is a Helpdesk Support Maintenance Contract which telephone, email & online remote assistance. Tasks conducted can include diagnostic & resolution on data issues, system application usage & random interruption on system performance.
  • Smart Cover enables the software is entitled to upgrade to latest versions, all the hot fixes & new features.
  • Can I just sign SLC & not take up Smart Cover?
  • Can. In fact both contract is optional to buy. However, we strongly urged you to get both plans due to its efficient online software assurance, plus cost friendly coverage of services. Technically, software often requires update / upgrades in order to get fixes or solutions. In other words, they almost come together as a pair. With a fraction of price, everyone in the company can get peace of mind & focus on their work. Also without SLC, the Ad-Hoc onsite charges will be priced double so it is definitely more economical to take both plans.
  • Can I choose not to renew Smart Cover?
  • Can. Smart Cover plan is optional to you. Just be aware of not able to enjoy the benefits of online upgrade & updates & etc.
  • The users will NOT enjoy the new features in all new releases as they are not able to do any upgrades, example current version 2013.1 Build 0000 upgrade to 2013.2 Build 0000
  • All updates on fixes will have to be done manually, example current version is 2013.1 Build 0000 update to 2013.1 Build 0001 will have to be done manually and is subject to a charge.
  • Can Smart System still be used even if Smart Cover expires?
  • Can use up to the version that was covered before. No further system upgrades & updates.
  • Where Can I Buy Smart Cover?
  • It is available at Smart HQ (contact our helpdesk) and many Smart Authorised Resellers. Smart recommends that you purchase the Smart Cover Plan from whom you purchased the license.
  • Can I still make payment to your reseller?
  • With Smart, this process will take approximately 3 business days. Yes, you can remit the payment to our resellers however please be aware the processing flow & lead time varies by reseller.
  • How Much Is Smart Cover?
  • Section
    Back End
    Mid End
    Front End
    SQL, inventory, Full
    i-Center inventory, Full
    Touch POS or TouchNPOS
    Price Nett
    RM200 per license
    RM200 per license
    RM150 per license
  • Can I use internet banking to make payment?
  • Yes, you can do so. Please chop sign on the billing, attached payment slip & send to Smart-Acc Solutions Sdn Bhd, via fax 03-79807082 or email to & allow 3 business days for processing.
  • Is there any credit term when I buy Smart Cover?
  • Smart Cover is sold on cash term basis only as the license is immediate.
  • Is there any 3 years renew al Cover Plan?
  • No. Only ONE year basis.
  • Is It Very Difficult To Start Smart Cover?
  • Not at all. Convenient indeed. Just required completion of billing, payment. Contact Smart helpdesk or authorize dealers to get license key & activate cover yourself. (Applicable or version 2013.1 & above)
  • How long do I need to wait for the Smart Cover to be ready?
  • You can expect the Smart Cover license key by email to you within 3 business days upon completion of bill & payment confirmation.
  • Can I purchase the Smart Cover anytime?
  • You can purchase Smart Cover anytime & activate the license right after that. Just be caution Smart Cover coverage starts from your current version date. Activating your Smart Cover license at a later date does not extend your coverage. In fact, Smart strongly recommends that you purchase the Smart Cover & activate it immediately to maximise the benefits provided under the plan.
  • For eg, you purchase Smart Cover license in 2014, your version now is 2013.3. Then your max coverage up to December 2014. (version will be 2014.4).
  • Another example, if your current version is 2014.1, then you’ll get coverage for versions in 2014 & up to December 2015 (version 2015.4) maximum. Even if you activate in January 2016, it doesn’t mean you can get cover up to version 2017. You only can still get updates/ upgrades up to version 2015.
  • Is there any Paper License Certificate?
  • Not required. Same as Smart Software, there is license key & you refer to system for license validity at the system.
  • Is cover automated right after my payment?
  • No, your purchase either from Smart or from a dealer does not automatically activate Smart Cover. You need to obtain license key & activate the license.
  • How to step-by step activate?
    1. Obtain the Serial Key From Smart or its Authorize Dealers
      1. Purchase Smart Cover from Smart itself or any authorize Dealers
      2. Once payment is received, a Serial Key with a Security Code will be provided. If you did not receive any Security Code, please request from Smart or the Authorize Dealer. The serial key will look like below: -

    2. Activating Smart Cover
      1. For backend products (SmartSQL and i-Center), open the Smart Port and/or socket, located at the Taskbar. For TouchNPos and Touch Series POS, go to System Setup to locate the Activation
      2. Click on [Activate Cover] (Fig. 2)
        activating smart cover
      3. Fill in the Serial Key and the Security Code (Fig. 3). Once complete, click on [Online Activation]. Please note that an internet connection is required for this.
        activating smart cover
      4. For Offline activation, you will have to request a License file from Smart or the Authorize Dealer where you purchase. Click on [Offline Cover Activation] (Fig. 4)
        activating smart cover
      5. Browse for the License file received (xml format) and click [Activate Cover]
  • What If Customer Upsell?
  • Smart Cover will only cover the one particular product’s original license. Eg, you have i-Kiosk license, you get coverage for i-Kiosk & not coverage to TouchPOS.
  • If you upsell i-Kiosk to TouchPOS for instance, then the old Cover license is voided. You also need to upsell the Smart Cover (get a new license key) by paying administrative charges.
  • The period of Coverage will stay as the initial & will not be extended.
  • Is Smart Cover transferable?
  • Yes. If you choose to sell or give away your Smart software product, you can also transfer the ownership of the Smart Cover Plan. Admin charges will apply for the transfer along with other Terms and Conditions, kindly contact our team for complete details.
  • Can I reduce the concurrent users since I do not require that many as indicate in your invoice?
  • For Backend, Smart Cover is charge irrespective on how many users. So, reducing concurrent users will not affect the Smart Cover Price.
  • For POS, it is cover on a per counter basis. If there are POS system not is use, you can opt not to purchase smart cover. However, should the version is not up to date with the latest version with Smart Cover, then you will have to purchase the Smart Cover with the version that match
  • Can I skip a few years of Smart Cover & get right up to the latest version?
  • Smart Cover includes the current product version only. Eg your current product version is 2013.2, this means Smart Cover will cover 2013.1 until version 2014.4.
  • Assuming your current version is now 2012.3 and you want to upgrade to this 2014.4 version, then user will have to purchase 2 licenses of Smart Cover: -

    Smart Cover (2012) to cover product version 2012 & max to 2013 AND
    Smart Cover (2013) to cover product version 2013 & max to 2015
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